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110 F Street • Davis, California 95616 • (530) 753-3600

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The garden-inspired approach from the interior spills out seamlessly to the exterior of the property. The landscaping surrounding the property will reflect the local or regional flora, instilling a real sense of place and adding extra interest for our guests. The overall design of the building will reference local architectural vernacular and integrate with its surroundings. The East and West tower's colors and tones create a backdrop for the entrance. In the evening, the glow from the Porte Cochère will create a warm, welcoming gesture. The exterior lighting will highlight the entryways and exterior gathering spaces along F Street.


The newly designed guestroom is the guests' private garden retreat. It is a purposeful space with dedicated, highly-functional zones for working, relaxing and preparing for the day. Lamps are of a modern and rustic industrial-inspired with a ‘retro' style metal shade and base. The flexible furniture pieces continue to enhance the functionality of the room while communicating attention to detail and our commitment to our guests' experience and ever-changing needs. The new guestrooms have a nature-inspired design that welcomes guests to a private retreat based upon experiencing a garden across two different varieties. The new hospitality unit is designed not only for functionality but to also aesthetically enhance the room. It houses the refrigerator, microwave and Keurig in a discreet yet distinct way. The open, metal-frame base makes the bathroom feel more open and airy. The cubbies provide space for towels and amenities storage. The white countertop reinforces the ‘clean' look and feel.

Public Space

The public spaces are to be designed to provoke exploration and discovery and encourage guests to relax, linger and enjoy. Our visual expression is vibrant with a laid-back sophistication. A color palette that is bright and modern, inspired by hues seen in reflected light. With immersive perspectives that puts our guests in the middle of the action, you will feel the positive vibe. Experiences are light, bright and airy. Imagine a space inspired by nature. From the moment you enter the porte-cochere and pass through the front doors, your every sense is engaged. It's an enveloping experience - both refreshing and warm. Unexpected details create a sense of discovery that allows you to escape. The aesthetic is about interior spaces where the morning hours capture a soft filtered natural light, in the evening the space transitions to a more theatrically inspired scenario while remaining approachable and real. These spaces encourage guests to come together to play, and at other times be a haven, allowing for quiet contemplative relaxation. Surrounded by iconic elements and local garden references, you'll never forget where you are, making it more likely you'll want to come back.

The Lobby

The overall design of the lobby space is inspired by a conservatory that is architecturally significant and visually stunning. Expansive, mullioned windows allow natural light to fill the space during the day, while allowing the energy of the space to emit outward at night. The conservatory is composed of well-planned and considered paths that help guide the guest through the space. The architectural finishes provide a neutral base that allows the furniture and décor elements to provide the bright moments indicative of the Brand.